Monday, December 31, 2012


Dear friends!
I'm happy to tell you... The Simplest Stopwatch now has more than 100 000 downloads on Google Play Market!

Thank you so much!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This is THE A4 STOPWATCH AND TIMER. It has taken many good things from my other apps "ICS Stopwatch" & "ICS Timer" (free apps, which you possibly use already).
And now I'd like to introduce new app which combines simplicity and design from "ICS"-series and it's much more powerful. 

So here are the benefits of "THE A4 STOPWATCH AND TIMER" : 
  • Working in the background. 
  • Sliding by finger to switch between stopwatch and timer.
  • "Screen-on" mode.

  • "Off-mode" feature!!! You can turn you device off, take out battery, and stopwatch will still be counting!!! 
  • Laps time (& different between laps too, of course)
  • Unlimited count.
  • Simplicity and high contrast design.

  • "Off-mode" feature - included too). (If countdown of the timer is expired while the device was switched off, the application will launch alarm after reboot with the message "Time is up … while the device was switched off")
  • Wheels-type time picker.
  • Your ringtones as alarm.
  • Different vibration signals.
  • Different notification period.

Please, note:
On switched-on device accuracy is perfect even on backgound!
Accuracy of counting on switched-off device is very depends of Android OS, and can vary up to 0,3-0,4 second!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's ready for launch!

The ICS Timer

It is a simple Timer made in Android 4 style. It works at all platforms. NO Ads and totally free!

You can:
- choose your one tone;
- choose alarm mode (vibation, tone, vibration+ton);
- enable and disable notifications in status bar.

Simple, pretty, effective!
click here and get it from "Google Play" ;)

The ICS Stopwatch

This is my first app in Google Play (it was born 4-20-2012). And now the The ICS Stopwatch has more than 20k loads..

It is a simple stopwatch made in Android 4 ICS style. It Works at all platforms. Keep running even on switched off device and remembers laps. Keep running even on switched off device and remembers laps. Try it! NO Ads!!! And absolutely free!

If you want more langpacks, mail me correct translations of my app. Thanx! )